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  1. Hollaback!has partnered with Network for Goodto securely process your online credit card payment via Network for Good (tax ID ). This transaction will appear on your credit card statement as "Network for Good.".
  2. Hollaback Someone who allows people to treat him/her like a doormat and walk all over him/her. Invented by Gwen Stefani in her song " Hollaback girl " where she repeats she isnt a hollaback girl and clearly she means it.. she's the moneymaker. "Bitch come here and lick my boots!".
  3. sign up to receive your free guide to bystander intervention Receive a new tactic every day for the next 5 days ‘Take Action’ to be redirected to our Action Network page where you will be prompted to sign up for your free guide to Bystander Intervention. Your email will only be used in accordance with Continued.
  4. Hollaback! is a photoblog and grassroots initiative to raise awareness about and combat street harassment by posting photographs and narrative accounts of individuals' encounters. Altogether, Hollaback! is run by local activists in 79 cities, 26 countries, and operates in 14 languages.
  5. 'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl I ain't no hollaback girl [2x] Oh, this my shit, this my shit [4x] So that's right dude, meet me at the bleachers No principals,no student-teachers Both of us want to be the winner, but there can only be one So I'm gonna fight, gonna give it .
  6. "Hollaback Girl" is a song written by singer Gwen Stefani and Pharrell for Stefani's debut solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.. As part of Stefani's vision of creating "a silly dance record," the song is influenced by s dance and pop music.
  7. CALLING YOU IN: Hollaback! Baltimore is putting a call out for anyone and everyone who would be interested in taking on a leadership role at our chapter. YOU have the power to shape the conversation around street harassment in Baltimore by putting on events, participating in solidarity actions with other non-profits and social justice campaigns.
  8. 'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl I ain't no hollaback girl. A few times I've been around that track So it's not just gonna happen like that 'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl I ain't no hollaback girl. Ooh, ooh, this is my shit, this is my shit (×4) Let me hear you say this shit is bananas B-a-n-a-n-a-s (This shit is bananas) (B-a-n-a-n-a-s) Again.
  9. Hollaback is a movement to end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world. We work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces.

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