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People suck - 6majik9 - Drugrun 3 (CDr, Album)


  1. MEAT THUMP Brews Brothers is a small time Brisbane brewery situated in the almighty inner city suburb of Woolloongabba, a good place to go to drink some cheap yet quality brew while watching some cheap yet quality bands. It's been a little over a month since Meat Thump played their first show to massive indifference and since then they've expanded into a 4-piece, giving some kid the time of.
  2. Axemen ‘3 Virgins 3 Versions, 3 Visions’ 2LP on Siltbreeze $25 -sold out. Mad Nanna ‘I Hit A Wall’ 7″ on Quemada $10 -sold out. Mole House 7″ on Quemada $ 3 Toed Sloth 7″ on Negative Guest List $10 -sold out. Blank Realm Falling down the stairs 7″ on NGL $10 -sold out. Scraps LP classic shits on Bedroom Suck $
  3. Very strong three-piece self-titled debut album of Andie Brown's These Feathers Have Plumes (thanx twice, Andie!). Double bass/field drones from London. Drifting in thick dark tones thru ambience with no beginning and no ending.
  4. Gabriele de Seta spreads some news (if u checked the shoutbox, u obviously already got 'em) — his project Caligine recently released new (2 tracks/30 mins) CDr. Get closer to this underground passage atmospheres: "Caligine back to basics. Acoustic guitar, broken voice and live electronics, fifteen minutes of live set, fifteen minutes of studio recording.
  5. helsinki, ”travastia” 2-CD-R people (ep) MCD people 12” live at the coronet theatre, london CD-R feels bonus live + encore CD-R peacebone MCD strawberry jam CD strawberry jam 2-LP fireworks 10” water curses (ep) MCD water curses (ep) 12” merriweather post pavilion CD merriweather post pavilion 2-LP.
  6. The second album ever made by Rentboy was back in ’ ‘King of Knives’ was conceived as a concept album in that the material was to be dark and fairly autobiographical. The lyrics have the psychodrama of a crudely scrawled diary entry. Grey guitars, echoed voices, occasional samples and peppered feedback provide the background.
  7. The movie I made this year is getting screened in Melbourne in January. I'm looking forward to drinking a few 'longnecks' with ya'll. ETERNAL SOUNDCHECK: THE FIRST YEAR Video Documents of the Australian Music Underground.
  8. Mar 28,  · Sunday 26th March @ The Cube, Bristol Kiila unfortunately were laid off on the night due to illness and we were given one man and his guitar. I think it was somebody called Ville Leinonen (I guess the pic on the fonal website looks like him)- and boy this person could play - muscular, his fingers were all over his instrument. All monotonous strumming nightmares were dispelled as he swayed.

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